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      Why the Activo-Med Therapy System is a non-negotiable investment for Velsha Seaborne

      Victorian Dressage rider Velsha Seaborne has been using Animal Therapeutics products for more than 7 years and is a keen believer that her Activo-Med Therapy System is her non-negotiable investment piece in the stables.

      She purchased her first Activo-Med Therapy System rug over 7 years ago in partnership with a friend and has since been back to purchase another system and Leg Wraps on her own in the last two years. The Activo-Med products to Velsha are a “no brainer” and using the products daily as a preventative measure just makes sense.

      “Why wait for your horse to get sore, when you can use it (the Activo-Med Therapy System) all the time to prevent it”.

      Velsha Seaborne Animal Therapeutics


      Over the years Velsha has used the Activo-Med range on a collection of horses she has owned, and it has always been beneficial for the individual horses’ circumstances. Currently, Velsha is training her young warmblood for the dressage arena.

      She describes her new youngster as being sensitive but Velsha has noticed changes in her young horses’ behaviour and attitude when it comes to riding, “using the rug daily, it has allowed my horse to relax and become more focussed”.

      The Activo-Med rug is utilised daily within her stables, with her horse experiencing PEMF both before and after being ridden.  Velsha uses the S2 program to assist with any tension.

      Velsha really loves the ability to use pre-set programs as well as the ability to create your own customisable programs “I often change the time frequency of the programs because it allows me to build it around the horses workload and it is quite intuitive once you get used to it

      Velsha Seaborne Dressage Rider

      Her daughters’ pony is not to be forgotten about either. Velsha spoke to us about the pony’s diagnosis with Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) or commonly known as Equine Cushing’s Disease, which impacts the animal’s hormonal regulation resulting in chronically elevated cortisol levels that harmfully impact the horse’s body in a variety of ways. The pony’s use of the leg wraps before each ride has become “a standard thing, as I like to utilise products that prevent injuries”.

      While Velsha acknowledges that the Activo-Med Therapy System is an investment, it’s one that she simply wouldn’t be without. “For me, I am a big believer in why wait for something to happen and try to fix it, I use the range daily to prepare for my riding both before and after as well to prevent future issues. It is my investment piece.” 

      She has also been pleased with how the Therapy System has held its value. “The longevity of the product is outstanding, and they really hold their value.”

      If you want to know about the Activo – Med Therapy System get in touch with us to chat about how the range of Animal Therapeutics products can help your horse prepare, perform and recover.


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