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      Why choose Aqua Therapy?

      Whether it is part of their weekly routines, or included in a bespoke rehabilitation programme, water treadmill work can be hugely beneficial to many horses in different walks of life.

      The Activo-Med Equine Water Treadmill are purposely built for safety and ease of operation, allowing the horse to work in a controlled and straight environment in a natural outline through both the walk and trot. Ideal for properties that want the great benefits of hydrotherapy but do not have the room for built in pools or circular water walkers.

      Who uses Water Treadmills?

      • Veterinary practices
      • Racing stables
      • Rehab & Therapy centres
      • Yearling preparation stables
      • Commercial stables
      • Private stables

      Benefits of using an Activo-Med Equine Water Treadmill:

      • Controlled and safe environment for aerobic exercise
      • Suitable for horses of all levels of training and competition
      • Allows horse to work evenly without influence of a rider
      • Increases cardiovascular activity, muscle tone, strength and stride length
      • Gentle low-concussive environment to rehabilitate tendons and ligaments
      • Reduces swelling and inflammation through cold water treatment
      • Optional salt water assists the management of abrasions, open wounds, infections and arthritis
      • Support and movement after surgery or injury
      • Treatment of shin splints
      • Corrects gait imbalances through straight, balanced, low-impact exercise
      • Builds topline and correct gait, perfect for sales and yearling preparation

      The Water Treadmills come with many features and options to suit your location and needs, including:

      • salt water or fresh water
      • adjustable aeration and salt content
      • chiller units
      • spas
      • fully transparent sides
      • platform to view horse from above
      • custom filtration systems; including drum, charcoal and UV – no chemicals required
      • rapid filling and emptying
      • ground level walk-way
      • adjustable water depth
      • pre-set and build-your-own programs
      • adjustable water temperature
      • can be used dry
      • incline options
      • walk only or walk & trot
      • 3-phase or single-power
      • Rubber buffers on doors
      • Entry and exit doors are one-hand operation

      How it works

      Water treadmills combine the use of cold therapy and hydrotherapy and are useful for rehabilitation and aerobic activity, and is a great addition to fitness regimes for any discipline. Incorporating treadmill and spa use in your training means that any underlying injuries are being treated and strengthened, the horse is non-invasively forced to walk straight and evenly building muscles and ensuring the back and hindquarters are working. Fitness goals can be achieved more easily with less time and space requirements and the addition of water provides resistance training and builds core strength.

      With equipment like a spa and treadmill at your disposal, your horse’s recovery timepost injury or surgeryis significantly reduced. Even when they can’t be lightly worked, tendons and ligaments can be getting healing spa therapy, and the buoyancy of the water in a water treadmill reduces impact and enables them to begin effective yet low stress exercise earlier. The clear sides mean gait analysis can occur at each stage of the recovery process.

      Cold therapy reduces risk of injury after strenuous exercise such as jumping or racing, bringing rapid relief from pain, bruising and swelling. Hydrotherapy helps to enhance suppleness, stride length, muscle tone and core strength. Hydrotherapy also gives an effective full body workout, improving general fitness, joint flexion, respiration and range of movement.

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