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      What Should my Activo Med Combi Pro Controller Look Like When it’s Running a “Sequence”?


      Sometimes with a new and exciting product it’s hard to know what’s right and what isn’t. So we’ve put together a series of videos to help you feel confident and get the most out of your Activo Med products. Keep coming back regularly as we’ll be adding to these over time until you have an entire library at your fingertips, right at this site!

      This video is a simple demonstration of what the Combi Pro controller should look like when a sequence is running (a program looks very similar but it will display a “P” instead of an “S”).

      The screen will display some digits in the following order:

      X ## && eg S 02.05

      S” for a sequence  |  “P” for a program
      This depends on whether you decided to run a program or a sequence for this therapy session.
      On the new controllers this letter flashes, on the old model it is still – so don’t worry if your’s doesn’t look exactly like this one.

      This 2 digit code signifies the program that is running. So if you have chosen a sequence to run, then it will show you which program within the sequence is currently running.
      (Remember that Sequences are a combination of programs so that you can run more than one therapy type in a single session)

      The last two digits demonstrate the time remaining in that program. It will display in minutes (so you won’t see it change for 60 seconds). Once it gets to the final minute it will begin to count down in seconds, this is easy to tell when the program will finish. If you are running a sequence, this will signify the start of the next program.

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