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      How Activo-Med’s Treadmills & Spas Work

      Activo-Med’s focus on high performance products includes Water Treadmills, Dry Treadmills and Spas.

      Controlled, supervised exercise for rehabilitation and aerobic activity. Aqua walk and trot training can increase cardiovascular activity, stride length, muscle tone and strength.

      World leading technology and research with years of experience has gone into every high performance product. Each package and installation is tailored specifically to your needs and space.

      Dr Matthias Baumann, Olympic Gold Medal winner and Global Expert on performance horse conditioning and rehabilitation with treadmills and water treadmills, is actively involved and constantly innovating, ensuring every German manufactured piece of equipment is world class.

      Each Activo-Med package comes with at least two days on-site with Dr Baumann, so you can be trained by the best in the world, have specific programs set up and utilise his expertise for any Open Days or promotional activities you may run.

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