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      FAQs – Activo-med Treadmill And Spa Frequently Asked Questions

      FAQ – Treadmills & Spas

      We’ve collated a bunch of popular queries so you can have a read and learn as much as you can before purchasing your Water Treadmill, Dry Treadmill or Spa. If you have a question that is missing from this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it!

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      Tell me about Activo Med & Treadmills
      • 17 years of building treadmills (started 1999)
      • Nearly 100 installations
      • Working with the best riders and trainers to ensure all products are constantly innovated to suit sport horse stables and aid peak performance
      Who is Dr Matthias Baumann?
      • One of the world’s foremost experts on treadmills used for performance horses
      • Veterinary
      • 22 years working with treadmills
      • Olympic Gold medal winning eventer
      What can I use my 2 days training with Dr Matthias Baumann for?
      • Yourself and your staff learning how to use the system
      • Expert advice on how to integrate treadmill training into your and clients’ horses training programs
      • Veterinary advice on specific programs for fitness and rehabilitation
      • Setup of specific programs for particular issues
      • Open day with presentations to your prospective & current clients to educate them about incorporating treadmill training into their program and encourage them to try yours.
      • Educate and procure new customers by utilising Dr Matthias to demonstrate the value of a treadmill in their program
      Can water treadmills be run off single phase power?

      Yes the water treadmills can be run from single phase however the chiller units for the treadmills cannot. So if you want a chilled water treadmill you need three phase power.

      However you can run a chiller for a spa on single phase. So you could incorporate a water treadmill and spa unit with a single phase system.

      Do the Activo Med systems incorporate an incline?

      Yes there is up to an X% incline on Activo Med treadmills. Water treadmills do not typically incorporate an incline as the incline means the water level is not even across the horse’s body (ie the hind end is deeper and shoulders are shallower), however this can be added as an optional extra if you would like it to suit your needs.

      Why is a treadmill good for my horse’s training?
      • Horses when working or on a standard walker, will compensate, favour a side or work slightly unevenly especially if they have any A treadmill provides the horse no choice but to walk completely straight, with even stride length for both sides, thereby working both sides of the body perfectly evenly for strength and fitness.
      • The speed is also perfectly controlled meaning a clear regular rhythm while work is occurring and ensuring consistent speed over the course of the program.
      What is the value of a water treadmill over a dry treadmill?
      • Water works horses in better ways
      • People who have both prefer water
      • Water creates resistance and works the horse’s core and muscles significantly more than general treadmill or hill work.
      • The water level can be adjusted which controls which of the horse’s muscles are targeted for work. Eg at fetlock depth the horse lifts his feet up and over the water level in an action similar to trot poles, at knee heght he is working his legs through the water, and at shoulder height he is using his core to push his whole body through the water.

      Feedback – horses feel amazing, makes a real difference. Can look over the top of the horse’s back and see the muscles working. Improves quality of work, build up of strength, focusses attention on working properly and ‘through’.

      One client had 10 horses, for a year ran 5 on the treadmill and 5 with normal work without treadmill incorporation. Feedback was that the 5 on the treadmill were significantly different in their strength, development and topline – the work they could do was significantly better.

      Results – studies show lengthened stride length, looser through backs and generally work better.

      Who buys a treadmill?
      • There are a variety of people who invest in a treadmill or water treadmill
        • Private yards
        • Semi private yards who cover the cost through running other people’s horse through it
        • Full commercial yards for training and rehab
        • Rehab centres
        • Veterinary practices
        • Professional stables for their own training regime
      What speeds do the treadmills operate at?
      • The treadmills can operate at varying speeds to enable the horse to work at walk or trot and variations between the two.
      • While the treadmills operate at various speeds, the horse’s best work is done at the walk.
      • Eventers typically like to trot their horses for fitness. They often utilise the two speeds for interval training (ie alternating periods of walk and trot).

      Do water treadmills trot as well?

      What is the length of the treadmill?

      Our treadmills are 4.2m which is longer than many others in the market (typical length is 3.6m), this makes it ideal for bigger horses who can fit a full stride within the system without being limited by the dimensions. Allows the horse to work fully within it’s stride.

      Options for setting it up-site work?
      • Set in pit
      • Ramps
      • Build concrete up and around
      If they move, can they take it with them?

      Yes, the treadmills are not fixed to the location and can be relocated should you move or onsell the equipment at a later date.

      Do you need to chlorinate the water?

      No, the high quality equipment and design means that no chlorine is required in any of our equipment. This ensures that your horses are working in chemical free water.

      Do you put salt in the water?

      If you wish to add salt to the water we will design a system in a higher grade stainless steel allowing you to utilize the benefits of salt water in your system.

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