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      Making A Change with Activo-Med


      Changing to Activo-Med

      Thinking about a new and improved therapy option? Did you know that we are happy to discuss trade ins on other therapy systems?

      Barrel Racing Champion Leslie Moore is one of many riders who has noticed a huge difference in her horses after changing to Activo-Med from an alternative therapy system. She says:

      “For me, switching to Activo-Med was the best thing I ever did for my horses! They are more free in their movements and free in the mind as they are feeling good within themselves. The Activo-Med gives a more overall massage for the horse, and you only have to read the studies on Pulse therapy, it says it all! My horses muscles were very hard from the lactic acid build up from competing; since switching to Activo-Med my horses are loose in the muscles and feel so much better for it.”

      Activo-Med Therapy Systems offer the ultimate in performance therapy – the ONLY system in the world to combine Cyclonic Massage with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.

      If you’re thinking of switching, or would like further information on how Activo-Med can help your horse perform at it’s best, talk to us today.


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