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      FAQ: Activo-Med Equine Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

      FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

      We’ve collated a bunch of popular queries so you can have a read and learn as much as you can before purchasing your Activo-Med system. If you have a question that is missing from this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it!

      Don’t forget to check out our blog and Facebook page, as there’s a lot of information there too.

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      How much is freight when I purchase?

      All freight charges are included in the price of your Activo-Med. We will ensure our carefully selected couriers safely delivery to your door, as quickly as possible. There is no extra charge for delivery.

      I would like to add Activo-Med to my therapy business. Can I do this?

      Yes, you can add Activo-Med Therapy to your business. We will provide training on using your system, and can assist with programs to suit your customers.
      You must, however, ask our permission before using any Animal Therapeutics Online images or wording for your business promotion.

      Can I have a demonstration of Activo-Med before I buy?

      We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on Activo-Med products, which means you can purchase with the assurance of trying it on as many horses as you like with no risk. If the Activo-Med turns out to not be what you expected – no problem, we will happily refund you purchase pricing within the 14 day period.

      We do not have ‘agents’, however we can put you in touch with individuals around Australia and New Zealand who offer treatments with Activo-Med. At times, you may be in the area of a sponsored rider or ambassador, and in that case, we will happily put you in touch.

      You can also see Activo-Med at a range of events around Australia and New Zealand.

      Can I hire an Activo-Med System?

      Activo-Med products are available for hire, and we often find this is a helpful option for clients who may only wish to use the system over a short period of time (ie. leasing or trailing a horse, or as part of a specific recovery plan). Activo-Med systems are also available to be purchased at any stage during the hire period – we’ll even remove the hire fees you’ve already paid from the sale price.

      Are payment plans available?

      We have a range of payment plans available, and can tailor a solution to fit most budgets and purchases. Simply get in touch with directly via any of the means outlined on our contact page and we’ll be more than happy to run through the options available with you.

      How much are the Activo Med packages?

      Our Activo Med Therapy packages are often customised to suit your specific need – what suits one stable won’t always suitthe next! We will happily email through basic information to get you started, and we’ll be happy to give you a call to ensure you have the best information and specific pricing relevant to your scenario.

      Is Activo-Med available in custom sizes?

      We find our Standard Size packages can be conveniently adjusted to suit most shapes and sizes, however custom options are available for the harder to fit horses. We’re able to tailor a system to suit almost any size if needed – from miniatures, all the way through to draught horses.

      Do you have second hand or demo rugs available to purchase?

      Second hand and used demonstration rugs occasionally become available for purchase – we’d recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook page or joining our mailing list for updates, as we’ll post details surrounding these as soon as they arise. These rugs have proven to be very popular in the past, so we’d suggest getting in touch as quickly as possible to secure your purchase.

      I'm currently using an alternative massage system and looking to upgrade. Do you offer trade-ins?

      We do offer trade-ins on select alternate brands and therapeutics systems. If you’re looking to upgrade from your current supplier, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this option further.

      Does Activo-Med help with travel problems?

      Many of our clients find the combination of PEMF and Massage in Activo Med highly successful when travelling – we have riders who regularly travel across the Nullabor or interstate for competitions, and use the Activo Med to get their top horses in peak conditions quickly. We are also seeing a number of riders who have imported horses using Activo Med to get them back to full health (as the import process can be tough) as quickly as possible.

      Will Activo Med help muscle damage?

      The Activo-Med Therapy System is can be programmed to specifically target your horses’ problem areas using the highly adaptable controller. With Pulsed Electromagnetic Field & Massage Therapies, the Activo-Med system is the ONLY system offering this complete combined treatment.

      To target a specific torn and/or pulled muscle/ligament issue, the controller should be set to deliver a treatment at an intensity of between 1-3 mT, with a starting frequency of 2-4Hz, increasing to 8.

      My horse has a splint - can this system help?

      Absolutely. Both our laser and leg wraps have specific programs designed to assist with lower limb fractures and splints. To assist in reducing splints, qe recommend using the leg wraps twice a day on sequence S07. If you have access to the laser, this is optimal, and should be used on t5, F8,I6,L8.

      How does Activo-Med work?

      The German designed and manufactured Activo-Med therapy system is the only system in the world that combines two therapies (both PEMF and Cyclonic Massage) in one easy to use system.

      The therapy is distributed evenly over the entire horse in an effective rug. The therapy works in the direction of venous blood flow, and consists of 19 PEMF coils and 14 Cyclonic Massage Modules. These treat the horse from poll to tail, with specific attention on each shoulder, and on each stifle.

      Combining these two therapies is the ultimate treatment for keeping performance horses in top condition, as well as aiding in recovery from ailments including muscular problems (back, tying up etc), tendons, fractures, joints, metabolic issues, and more.

      Can I use Activo-Med as part of my warm up routine?

      Absolutely! Activo-Med’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) can assist in loosening up the muscular system, making it an ideal addition to warm up exercises. The PEMF combines with the Cyclonic Massage to boost circulation and promote an increase in cellular oxygen levels, maximising the efficiency of your training. Post-training, the use of Activo-Med can assist in the acceleration of healing processes, and stimulate lymphatic draining.

      Our riders have often commented on the difference Activo-Med has made to their warm up and cool down routines, with many noting an increase in their horses’ suppleness during work, and a decline in post-ride (and event) recovery time frames.

      My horse can become quite anxious when competing. Could this help to calm him down?

      We’ve had great feedback from riders who’ve used the system to help keep on top of competition nerves – we even have a range of relaxation programs which have been specifically built for this purpose. Each sequence begins with a gentle, non-invasive pulsed magnetic treatment, increasing blood flow to the muscles and relieving tension. Following this, a light, rolling massage sequence will begin, further promoting an overall relaxation.

      How many items can be run from a four port Controller?

      You can run up to three attachments at a time from each Pro controller – a common set up is to have the Combi-Pro rug connected along with front and hind leg wraps. Our Elite Performance and Speedy Rehabilitation packages each come with two controllers, meaning you can treat two horses at once, or run a leg specific program from one controller and a rug and laser program through the second controller at the same time. This means that you can tailor your therapy to directly treat the soft tissue of the tendons and ligaments in a leg, whilst also addressing the large muscle mass on the rump.

      The controllers have 18 programs installed - are they easy to use?

      Yep – super easy! We’ll set up a range of specific programs and sequences for you, and will give you an easy to read treatment sheet outlining what each program is designed to do. Simply pick a program, turn the controller on, scroll to the option you want, and hit ‘start’. Plus, don’t forget you can set your own – and that we’re always here to help!

      How long will the battery last?

      The Activo-Med batteries are engineered to be very long lasting. Generally speaking, you should get around 20 treatments out of a single charge – although this may vary slightly depending on the type of treatments you’re running, and the attachments you’re using.

      Is there any Warranty when I buy from Animal Therapeutics Online?

      Yes – every Activo-Med product purchased comes with a two year warranty.

      Where will my system be repaired if I need to claim on my warranty?

      We have service technicians throughout Australia and New Zealand to minimise the travel time, and downtime of your system.

      Do the systems break down often? Are they reliable?

      We have been importing the Activo-Med from Germany since 2007, and are yet to see any issues. The Activo-Med systems are hardy and are built for the equine environment.

      What if my battery fails – is this covered?

      Yes, if your battery proves to be faulty, we will cover the repair or replacement of it.

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