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Rider William Fox-Pitt

“Having used the Activo-Med Combi System for over 2 years now I can honestly say it’s worth the investment 10 times

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Rider Annabel Cowcher

“I first saw the Activo Med and its effects at Hayley Beresford’s dressage stables in Germany. While I was there, I

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Rider Dr Kerry Mack

“We have been using a number of products from animal therapeutics on line for several years now and now these are

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Rider Claire Seidl

“TS Dubai had an Activo Med Therapy treatment last Sunday between dressage tests and it was unbelievable the difference it made

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Rider Kirsty Ansell

“Absolutely love the girls at Animal Therapeutics! They’re extremely easy to deal with and are always out to help!”

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Rider Wendy Schaeffer

“The Activo Med Combi + System gives my horses a competitive advantage in the demanding sports of Eventing and Jumping by helping

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Mulawa Performance Horses

“One of our racing mares had a 50% tear in her tendon. We used the Combi Pro leg wraps everyday

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Rider Carl Hester

“The Activo-Med Laser in conjunction with our magnetic rug, has provided a regular and consistent treatment pattern for our horses

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Rider Charlotte Dujardin

“Valegro and Uthopia have the Activo-Med rug on every day which completely relaxes them throughout the treatment. These rugs to

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