Sascotec Elite Horse Trainer Treadmill

The Sascotec Elite Horse Trainer Treadmill will enhance the functionality of every training facility, rehabilitation centre or private stable. The treadmill can operate in a speed range from 10km/h to 45km/h, which means that it is perfect for everything from slow rehab work, to conditioning racehorses and elite performance horses. Sascotec’s unique impact absorbing floor design provides the horse with dynamic joint protection, reducing stress on their joints by 30%. Made in Germany with the very best in German engineering, these treadmills are incredibly robust with increased stability and are designed for a long service life.


  • Made in Germany – technically sophisticated, high-quality with 5-year warranty
  • Unique construction made of galvanised steel for increased stability and safety
  • Extensive Sascosafe security system
  • Dynamic Joint Protector treadmill floor reduces stress on joints by 30%
  • Training and support provided by our team right here in Australia

Unique Dynamic Joint Protection
Studies show that hard treadmill floors like the ones used in some horse treadmills cause impact effects similar to those from running on asphalt. This additional load on the joints must be avoided as it can cause concussion injuries.

The innovative design of the Elite Horse Trainer Treadmill floor absorbs dynamic impact as the horse moves, providing them with the Joint Protector Effect. This brings noticeable relief to the horse’s joints, reducing stress on them by 30% when compared to other treadmill surfaces.

Sascotec treadmills are designed for maximum safety with optimal functionality. The Elite Horse Trainer Treadmill is longer than any other treadmills available on the market which means that the horse can move relaxed on the treadmill without restrictions. The belt of treadmill and interior surfaces have been carefully designed to reduce the chances of the horse miss-stepping at all, and the the gap between the belt and the outer wall is small so horse’s cannot catch their hooves in it. The high, rounded side walls provide the horse with a great visual and physical barrier, and helps to keep them calm and focussed which is especially great for young horses.

Standard Sascosafe safety system on all treadmills:

  • Electric emergency stop for manual operation
  • Overload protection
  • Panic fasteners at the back and front
  • Retraction protection at the belt
  • Barrier-free movement area
  • Photoelectric sensor option automatic start-up and safety system

Available in addition to the standard package:

  • Ultrasonic sensor instead of photoelectric sensor
  • Emergency stop manual ripcord across treadmill
  • Emergency stop horse ripcord
  • Remote monitoring

To find out more about the range of Sascotec Treadmills and see if they would suit your stable or training facility call 1800 496 990 or email

Who uses Treadmills?

  • Veterinary practices
  • Racing stables
  • Rehab & Therapy centres
  • Yearling preparation stables
  • Commercial stables
  • Private stable

Benefits of Dry Treadmills:

  • Controlled and safe environment for aerobic exercise
  • Suitable for horses of all levels of training and competition
  • Allows horse to work evenly without influence of a rider
  • Increases cardiovascular activity, muscle tone, strength and stride length
  • Warm ups and cool downs of performance horses
  • Improving or maintaining fitness while horses can’t be ridden
  • Rehabilitation after injuries
  • Sales and yearling preparation
  • Gradient work improves stifle strength
  • Assessing gaits from all angles of the horse
  • Builds topline and correct gait, perfect for sales and yearling preparation