SaHoMa Equine / Horse Nebuliser


The SaHoMa Equine Nebuliser is an inhalation device that allows quick and reliable delivery of medicine through inhalation. The device is silent, lightweight, wireless and tubeless, containing an integrated rechargeable battery, the Nebuliser is very easy to use and tolerated by most horses. Through the SaHoMa Equine Nebuliser, medicine is guaranteed to reach even the smallest pulmonary alveoli.

Features & Benefits Of An Equine Nebuliser

  • Silent
  • Lightweight
  • Tubeless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Tolerated by most horses
  • Delivers medicine via inhalation for quick absorption into the bloodstream

The SaHoMa Nebuliser comes with 2 years warranty and complimentary free shipping.

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