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  • To help your horse prepare, perform and recover better we now have a selection of products available through our online store allowing you to easily and conveniently add to your therapy program as needed.

    Here you will find our most popular products and packages including our coveted Static Magnetic wraps. Due to the nature of our products, it’s important to note that while many are available for instant purchase, others will require customised pricing and packages to ensure products meet your needs.

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    First of all, welcome, we’re so glad you found us! You’ll soon discover why so many of the world’s best riders use Activo Med every day with their horses. As there are many products to choose from, and not all are listed here, we recommend having a chat with us before purchasing to ensure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

    Happy shopping!

  • Activo-Med Battery – Pro

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  • Activo-Med Combi Floor

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  • Activo-Med Equine Dry Treadmill

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  • Activo-Med Equine Spa

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  • Activo-Med Leg Wraps – Full Set

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  • Activo-Med Leg Wraps – Hind – Low stock

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  • Activo-Med Solarium III

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  • Animal Therapeutics Travel Bag

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