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      Jo wins a coveted spot in this Year’s SAYES Program


      Jo Schneider, Owner of Animal Therapeutics and Director of DVE Business Solutions, Wins a Coveted Spot in this Year’s SAYES Program. 


      DVE Business Solutions Director, Jo Schneider has won a spot in the highly successful and Popular South Australian Young Entrepeneur Scheme (SAYES) for a second company she owns, Animal Therapeutics.

      Jo, an animal lover, horse owner, breeder and dressage competitor, started Animal Therapeutics in 2006 to break the plethora of therapeutics products available. She sourced and acquired the “the best of the best ” from around the world for the other animal owners, competitors, trainers and breeders to set up a one-stop-shop of therapeutic products.

      Just as she is doing at DVE solutions, always on the look-out and developing the best and most efficient Process Improvement for clients and their organisations. was launched this year and is already one of the most comprehensive therapy sites online. The list of products acquired will continue to grow but currently includes heat treatments, cold therapies, magnetic therapies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), massage therapy, red &infrared light and heat/cold therapies.

      Animal Therapeutics is also the exclusive Australian distributor for Draper Products which contain the revolutionary fibre ‘Celiant’, as used in exlcusive sports ranges by companies such as Adidas and Nike, and the exclusive distributor for world renowned, German manufactured therapy system – “Activo Med Combi Pro” used by many of the current Olympians.

      In addition to offering a wide selection of high quality products, Jo is building a portfolio of articles to assist an educate animal owners in preventative measures rather than reactive treatments. New features coming to the site soon also, include a free therapist directory and input from sponsored riders in show jumping, eventing and dressage, such as Wendy Schaeffer, Chantal Wigan and Kerry Mack.

      Hundreds of budding entrepreneurs were on the waiting list for this year’s SAYES program but less than 30 made the cut. Whilst the program itself provides a series of workshops over the course of a year (one per month), for participants to help build their business skills, a major component is matching each participant with an experienced business mentor and other professionals whom I will gain incredible insight and a wealth of knowledge from, “said Jo Schneider, Owner of Animal Therapeutics.

      Business SA has been running the SAYES Program with the support of the South Australian Government until last year when funding cuts meant the SAYES Program was originally set up by the South Australian Government but when funding cuts were advised in 2011, Business SA took up the slack. Chief Executive Officer, Peter Vaughan, said that Business SA was keen the ensure the survival of the popular program.

      He continued to say, “Programs like Business SA’s Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme are vital in nurturing entrepreneurial young business people with bright and diverse ideas. Entrepreneurship and enterprising business people are essential to South Australia’s long term vibrancy and prosperity. We need to encourage young entrepreneurs with the drive, creativity and willingness to take a risk and turn their ideas into reality.”

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