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      The tool Victoria Wall credits for getting her horse to Grand Prix

      We recently caught up with Grand Prix Dressage rider, Victoria Wall of Elite Dressage Horses. Originally from New Zealand, Victoria has based herself and her stunning team of horses at Westphalian Stables in Germany since January 2022.

      Victoria purchased her Activo-Med Therapy System from Animal Therapeutics back in 2014 and has used it on all of her horses. Her recently retired Grand Prix horse, Letty Lei EDH, was predominantly Thoroughbred which is quite unusual for a top level dressage horse. Victoria says, “I can honestly say without this blanket [Activo-Med Therapy System] I don’t think she would have made it or coped with the work of a Grand Prix horse. She is very sensitive, and it enabled her to build the strength and the endurance required to do the sport. I genuinely believe that it would have been a different story if I hadn’t had access to this blanket.”

      Victoria’s next up and coming superstar is 6 year old stallion First Hit EDH, by Furstenball. Victoria recently rode him at the Longines FEI / WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses. “I find if you’ve got a very hot, stressed horse then [a program with] the lower energy levels is really useful. We’ve programmed a 1 hour massage with the lowest level of massage which I find so useful for the stallion if he goes to a show and he’s feeling a bit up, I can throw the blanket on and he comes down literally within 10 minutes.”

      Victoria incorporates regular Activo-Med Therapy treatments into all of her horse’s routines, providing them with a wide range of benefits. “One of the things I love about it is that you can design your own programs. I think that it [the treatments] helps them in so many ways. My horses have a treatment 2 times a week for an hour, and I use it for warm-ups as well. It’s incredibly versatile and helps to build muscle strength tremendously, helps with their recovery, any twitchy stomachs – there’s a list as long as my arm that you can fix with this blanket!”

      Purchased back in 2014, Victoria has had her Actvio-Med Therapy System for 8 years and says it’s still going strong. “It is an absolutely vital piece of equipment and I wouldn’t be with out it! It genuinely does work, it’s a wonderful blanket and an incredible investment.”

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