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      How to use the Drimee Sirocco Solarium

      An invaluable tool for your stable all year round, the Drimee Sirocco Solarium is one piece of equipment that is a must have for your stable! Offering a range of functions, the therapeutic infrared lights will assist your horse’s warmup and cool down, and the 6 state of the art fans will speed up cooling and drying your horse.

      Installing your Solarium

      The Sirocco Solarium is easy to hang, weighing in at 32kgs. To get the most out of your Sirocco Solarium, you will need to hang it at a height of 2.5m from the ground to the centre strip of lights – however, if you mostly have horses 17h + you will need to raise this by 20cm.

      The Sirocco Solarium comes with everything you will need to install it correctly into your stable including a hanging kit complete with chain, snap clips and eyelets. The comprehensive guide included will step you through the requirements on how to install your solarium safely and effectively.

      Using Your Solarium

      Once you have your Sirocco Solarium installed, you’re ready to use it! The Sirocco Solarium is very easy to use, with a dimmer panel that allows you to adjust the power settings and choose which functions to use. Bring your horse under the Solarium with rugs and tack removed and make sure they’re happy and secure. We recommend cross ties so that your horse is safe and secure and able to experience a complete submersion of light and therapy.

      Using the Token Operator

      The Sirocco Solarium has the option of adding a digital token operator, which is very useful for agistment centres or hire facilities and means that anyone can purchase a token and use the Solarium for a set period of time.

      Turning on your Solarium

      To turn your Sirocco Solarium on, press the Power On/Off button on the dimmer unit – if fitted with the digital token operator, insert your token before pressing the power button.

      Setting the Timer

      Next, adjust the timer for the length of time that you want to use the Solarium for – we recommend a 10-15 minute session with the infrared lights both before and after exercise to help to cut down on muscle strain and reduce the build-up of lactic acid. To dry your horse off when wet or sweaty, it will take around 15 minutes with both the lights and fans on full power. The timer can be set for up to 55 minutes, however, it is important to use the dimmer to make sure the lights are not at full intensity for the longer duration as this can be too long for your horse to be under the full voltage.

      Using the Dimmers

      The Sirocco Solarium is fitted with two adjustable Dimmers, allowing full control of the 12 infrared bulbs. The first dimmer is fitted to the outer bank of eight bulbs (located on the 2 outer panels and adjusted by using the left Dimmer dial) and the second is fitted to the centre bank of four bulbs (adjusted by using the right Dimmer dial).

      Using the Fans

      The Sirocco Solarium has 6 dual action high speed fans attached to the centre bank of the unit to help assist with drying and to circulate the surrounding air. The fans can also be used independently when the lamps are turned off, turning your Solarium into a cooling system for you and your horse. Perfect for Aussie summers and to help move the air and flies around.

      You’re Set!

      Now that your Solarium is on you can let your horse enjoy the experience! It’s important to never leave your horse unattended when using a Solarium but you can busily get your horse ready to be ridden while they warm up under the infra red lights.


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