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      Horse Solarium Benefits – How Can An Equine Solarium Help Your Horse Or Pony

      When horse property owners plan their perfect stables or barn there are a few must-haves. An Instagram-worthy tack shed, a wash bay with both hot and cold water, a row of lush stables with intricate detailing, and an equine solarium!

      A horse solarium not only helps you warm your horses up but helps to dry them off quickly and efficiently on cold nights when you want nothing more than to throw your horse back in the paddock after a ride and head home to a warm bed.

      For so often they have been too expensive for the average equestrian to add to their stable block but with the introduction of Europe’s Number 1 selling equine solarium, Drimee to Australia there’s now an affordable, cost effective option to make your dream stable a reality! So let’s take a look at how the Drimee equine solarium can benefit your horse.

      What does an Equine Solarium do?

      At its core, an equine solarium is a therapy aid that can help your horse perform at its best. Designed with infrared lights which are designed to focus straight down the center of the horse’s back whilst submersing the animal in warm therapeutic light.

      We are already very familiar with the benefits of Infrared light therapy here at Animal Therapeutics as it’s used in many of our Activo-Med therapy systems. Light therapy has many beneficial uses – it reduces pain, colds, damaged tendons/ligaments and helps to relax muscles.

      Infrared light therapy is a non-invasive targeted light therapy, stimulating the cells within the body to heal, recover and function effectively.  The equine solarium’s infrared heat and light acts as an overall wellness aid helping to improve blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and general health and well-being.

      Drimme Equine Solarium

      Warming Up and Cooling Down

      Infrared also helps to increase the levels of Vitamin D and can be used for warming and softening your horse’s muscles before & after riding.

      Muscle soreness generally occurs when horses are either not warmed up or cooled down properly during exercise, or when they have been working heavier than usual. This is due to the build-up of lactic acid or swelling of the muscle compartment that results from an influx of white blood cells, prostaglandins (which are anti-inflammatory), and other nutrients and fluids that flow to the muscles to repair the “damage” after a tough riding.

      Just a 10-15 minute session both before and after exercise can help to cut down on muscle strain and reduce the build-up of lactic acid! This prevents stiffness in the back and legs and means that your horse will be partially warmed up before you even hop on reducing the overall warm-up time for scheduled exercise periods.

      By warming up and cooling down your horse’s muscles you can help promote blood flow to the areas that need it most which will help with your horse’s recovery. You will find that your horse’s relaxation and performance level will increase over time with a solarium unit and you may find that it also helps to improve muscles and topline which will assist in preventing injury.

      horse standing under Drimme Solarium

      Drying Off

      Perhaps the most practical application of an equine solarium is the benefit of drying your horse after a workout or a bath quickly and efficiently. In winter months your horse solarium will be the hardest worker in your stable as you can hose your horse down and leave them under the solarium for 10 – 15 min for drying off before putting rugs on. Forget standing around for an hour waiting for your horse to dry with a cooler rug on, the solarium will dry your horse in just 15 mins.

      The Drimmee Sirocco even has inbuilt fans which direct the flow of air and while in the wintertime this feature is useful to speed up the drying process, it’s even better in summer! Switch on the fans without the heat lamps to help air circulation in your barn or stable on hot days when the flies are just too sticky!

      Improving your horse’s coat

      For show horse owners equine solariums are used to assist with show prep. The lights and heat accelerates the natural molting process; therefore producing a smoother, glossier coat.

      For any horses with skin issues, it also helps to promote healthier-looking skin. Over time, the lamps will help maintain the natural oils found in your horse’s skin and will in turn help to make your horse’s coat shinier and healthier.

      Equine Solarium

      More about the Drimee Sirocco

      The Drimee Sirocco Solarium has been Europe’s No.1 Best Selling Infrared therapy Solarium since its introduction in July 2017 and now we’re proud to be stocking this exceptional product here in Australia!

      The Sirocco comes fitted with 6 powerful dual-action fans for SuperFast Drying or Cooling, 2 Dimmers for full control of the heat and brightness on the inner and outer banks of lights, plus a 50-minute timer for easy & safe use.

      Weighing 28kg this splashproof and rustproof design is perfect for your barn and even has the option to add RED lights which convert the Sirocco into a foaling light. Or for larger properties and agistment centers you can take on the option which features a token-operated timer meaning that you can charge per use for your solarium.

      To find out more about our range of solariums including the popular Sirocco, contact us here.

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