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Equine Rehabilitation & Therapy Products

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  • Here you will find our most popular products and packages, however due to the nature of our products, it’s important to note that while many are available for instant purchase, others will require customised pricing and packages to ensure products meet your needs.

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  • horse on a treadmill

    Activo-Med (Equine) Dry Horse Treadmill

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  • Activo-Med Battery – Pro

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  • Activo-Med Combi Floor

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  • Activo-Med Combi Hoof Boots (PEMF)

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  • Activo-Med horse massage rug

    Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug

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  • activo-med-equine-power-pads-l-animal-therapeutics

    Activo-Med Equine Power Pads

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  • horse in water walker

    Activo-Med Equine Water Treadmill & Walker

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  • handheld PEMF machine

    Activo-Med Handheld PEMF Device + Light (Red & Infrared) Cluster

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  • horse in equine spa

    Activo-Med Hydrotherapy Equine Spa

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  • Sale! front leg wraps by Activo-Med

    Activo-Med Leg Wraps – Hind

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  • Activo-Med leg wraps

    Activo-Med Leg Wraps Combi Front

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  • Placeholder

    Activo-Med Leg Wraps Combi Hind

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