Animal Therapeutics Equine Dry Treadmill

The Animal Therapeutics Equine Dry Treadmill is purpose built for safety and ease of operation, allowing the horse to work in a controlled and straight environment in a natural outline through both the walk and trot on varying inclines. Ideal for properties with many horses being exercised frequently in yearling preparation, rehabilitation, or warming up and cooling down while other horses are being ridden.

The Animal Therapeutics Equine Dry Treadmill is professionally engineered with galvanised steel, and has variable speed and incline to develop fitness, strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. An attached control panel allows you to choose different training programs of varying speed and gradient.


Who uses Treadmills?
  • Veterinary practices
  • Racing stables
  • Rehab & Therapy centres
  • Yearling preparation stables
  • Commercial stables
  • Private stable
Benefits of Dry Treadmills:
  • Controlled and safe environment for aerobic exercise
  • Suitable for horses of all levels of training and competition
  • Allows horse to work evenly without influence of a rider
  • Increases cardiovascular activity, muscle tone, strength and stride length
  • Warm ups and cool downs of performance horses
  • Improving or maintaining fitness while horses can’t be ridden
  • Rehabilitation after injuries
  • Sales and yearling preparation
  • Gradient work improves stifle strength
  • Assessing gaits from all angles of the horse
  • Builds topline and correct gait, perfect for sales and yearling preparation
Features and options for the Animal Therapeutics Dry Treadmill
  • Manual speed and gradients control
  • 4 emergency stop buttons
  • Electronic eye
    • Emergency stop if a fall occurs
  • On and off ramps
  • 3 tie up heights
  • Quick-release rear bar
  • adjustable water depth
  • pre-set and build-your-own programs
  • incline options
  • walk only or walk & trot
  • 3-phase or single-power


Why an Animal Therapeutics Equine Treadmill?

Highest quality manufacturing on the market

  • Heavier duty, longer and wider, stronger materials
  • 100% stainless steel
  • ISO 9001 full stainless steal
  • Includes 5 year warranty

Leading technology

  • World leading technology and research with years of experience has gone into every high-performance product
  • Each package and installation is tailored specifically to your needs and space

Expert advice

  • Dr Matthias Baumann(GER), Olympic Gold Medal winner and Global Expert on performance horse conditioning and rehabilitation with treadmills and water treadmills
  • Actively involved and constantly innovating, ensuring every German manufactured piece of equipment is world class

Performance Built

  • Designed and built with specifically with high performance horses in mind
  • Whether pre-training, coming back from a spell or post rehabilitation, using a treadmill to prepare your horse means low impact but very effective training can commence before you’re ready to ride
  • When you do start training, you’re working with muscles and condition that have been built up evenly and effectively, so you can move onto the next stage and progress quickly

Premium Service

  • Each treadmill package comes with at least two days on-site with Dr Baumann, so you can be trained by the best in the world, have specific programs set up and utilise his expertise for any Open Days or promotional activities you may run
  • Up to 24 months servicing from locally trained technicians is provided with your installation – regular maintenance program with no extra charges for travel and time

See the science behind the use of Treadmills and their benefits here.

The Animal Therapeutics Dry Treadmill comes with 5 years warranty* and up to 24 months of servicing from locally trained technicians is provided with your installation.

Dry Treadmills are customised to suit your needs and can range upwards from AU$45,000 depending on your stable’s requirements. Let us know a bit about your horses, goals and what issues you’re dealing with and we’ll help customise exercise therapy systems to best suit your needs. Also see our equine spa units and horse solariums.

*see warranty documents for details of inclusions
†NZ Prices not inclusive of GST