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      Does an Activo-Med Rug replace your vet, physio, or equine osteopath?

      In simple, the answer is “no”.

      Having someone look over your horse, diagnose issues, work along side you to make a plan, and guide you to see around health complications is imperative to maintaining your horse’s welfare.

      However, how do we manage our horses issues on a day to day basis? This is where the Activo-Med therapy products are essential, as they fill a vital role in the ongoing maintenance of horse health, fitness and well-being.

      As Activo-Med products are designed as a modular system, it’s easy to build a package to suit your individual needs.

      Do you have one or two horses? Work hard during the week? Are you in your happy place out competing most weekends? How well you do during competition fuels the week ahead, where you balance your job and keeping your horses fit enough for the weekend challenges. The last thing you need is an injury or illness setting you back, hampering your path to success!

      Alternatively, are you a professional rider with a string of horses in work – from young, up and coming hopefuls, to proven competitors? Time is money and horses are an essential part of you being able to pay the bills, and put food on the table. Each horse is different, and each horse has health challenges – so how can you maintain them all on the way to the top?

      Here at Animal Therapeutics we work to ultimately help you help yourself. The Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug is the only therapy system in the world to combine PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy – click here to learn more about PEMF) and cyclonic massage therapy. If covers the horse from pole to tail, delivering a unique and ultimate physiological treatment for your horse. The PEMF penetrates deeply into the horses muscles and fascia warming a relaxing them. It aids the cells to metabolize energy and to excrete waste products that cause tissue breakdown. There are 19 strategically placed PEMF coils which line the rug, covering the horses topline, shoulder and stifle areas.

      The 14 massage units rotate from tail to heart and from poll to heart, mimicking the flow of venous blood return to the heart. Venous blood is laden with carbon dioxide and cellular waste which hampers the horses recovery if left to accumulate. Tension, stiffness and psychological stress are all symptoms of the body being unable to remove toxic build up from the muscles efficiently. Muscles spasm as a result, further impairing this function. The spasm in the muscles cause a ripple effect which shortens the elasticity of the horses limbs. This results in bone, joint, tendon and ligament trauma over time.

      Prevention is critical to performance.

      Each massage pad is strategically placed on muscle trigger points which releases tension. Often when this tension is released the horses will yawn, stretch and chew during treatment. They’ll often also roll after treatment, causing skeletal adjustments to occur.

      The simple to use controller has 18 preset settings so you can custom build specific programs for each horse, or use the inbuilt programs and treatment protocols you receive with the rug. The controller is user friendly, and advice is on hand from our customer service team who are all specifically trained to
      help you get the most out of your system, and in turn, your horses.

      Here are a few of the conditions that the Activo-Med therapy system is renowned for treating worldwide:

      • Acute and chronic muscle problems
      • Back pain
      • Kissing Spine
      • Arthritis
      • Tendon issues
      • Colic
      • Lung disease
      • Organ issues (liver and kidney) 
      • Joint issues
      • Arthritis
      • Laminitis
      • Ulcers
      • Sacroiliac Injuries (Hunters Bump)
      • Swelling
      • Fractures
      • Gut Ulcers
      • Haematomas
      • Tendon and ligament damage

      In addition to this, Activo-Med can also assist with:

      • Pre-training warm up/cool down
      • Stimulating cartilage growth
      • Calming tense and unpredictable behavior of a mare in season
      • Calming hot, tense and unpredictable horses
      • Relaxing horses prior to travel
      • Wound healing
      • Head-shy, or horses with poll issues

      To learn more about how Activo-Med can assist your horse, talk to us today.

      Happy riding!

      – Written by Kate Hinton

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