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Blog Archives

Carl Hester

“I use the rug on all the competition horses and find them noticeably softer and looser as a result.”

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Charlotte Dujardin

“Valegro and Uthopia have the Activo-Med rug on every day which completely relaxes them throughout the treatment.”

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Paul Tapner

“Kilronan is a very highly strung, sensitive horse and I certainly find that Activo-Med helps him to relax.”

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Ben Maher

“I find the Activo-Med rug hugely benefits the horses’ suppleness and makes the sharper horses quieter and softer to ride.”

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Jody Hartstone

“Ali-Baba has his Activo Med rug on both pre and post training every morning. Wouldn’t be without it!”

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William Fox Pitt

“Having used Activo-Med  for over two years now I can honestly say it’s worth the investment 10 times over!”

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Hayley Beresford

“Jaybee Apprentice enjoys his daily treatment. Basti thinks this is heaven!”

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Paul Nicholls

“Since using Activo-Med on the horses I have noticed an improvement in their ability to get over muscle problems.”

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Annabel Cowcher

” I found the rug really helpful for recovery between shows and also as a warm up before a class.”

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