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Activo-Med Laser Cluster: Splint Case Study

13/09/2016 Activo-Med Wave-Light-Pulse Laser and Light Cluster I’ve had the Activo-Med rug for a while now, and am very sold

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Winning (again!) With Activo-Med!

22/08/2016 She’s done it again! Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro win individual gold at the Rio Olympics, with an outstanding score

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Managing Sacroiliac Pain with Activo-Med

18/07/2016 Is your horse lacking forward? Stiff to ride? Struggling with contact?  He could be suffering from sacroiliac pain. Sacroiliac

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09/06/2016 Does an Activo-Med Rug replace your vet, physio, or equine osteopath? In simple, the answer is “no”. Having someone

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Making A Change with Activo-Med

07/07/2016 Changing to Activo-Med Thinking about a new and improved therapy option? Did you know that we are happy to

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Getting the most out of your warm up with Activo-Med

01/06/2016   Did you know that you can use Activo-Med as part of your daily warm up routine? Both the

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Understanding PEMF

24/05/16 Combining science, space and horses! It’s being trailed by NASA, is used by trainers and athletes within the Australian

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Rehab for Back & Sacro Injury

6/09/13 Rehabilitating a horse with back and sacroiliac issues – massage and magnet therapy Case study: Ruby, 15.1 5 year

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At Home with Carl Hester

29/11/13 British Olympic dressage team gold medallist Carl Hester will be in Australia in November for Equitana Sydney. At his

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Activo Med – Fracture Healing

29/05/13 Did you know that Activo Med can help with a huge range of healing, including Fractures? A customer from

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