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How Brett Parbery incorporates the Activo-Med system into his training

Brett Parbery Activo-med

Grand Prix Dressage rider Brett Parbery has been an Activo-Med rider for more than 8 years and is a passionate

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The Differences & Similarities Between Activo-Med and Equissage

As equine therapy gains more notoriety and momentum with the world’s best riders adding therapy systems into their stable there

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Why Meg Klaaysen won’t go a day without her Activo-Med system

Eventer turned FEI dressage rider Meg Klaaysen will tell anyone that listens that her Activo-Med is her secret weapon. It’s

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How Red Light Therapy Can Improve Equine Wound & Injury Healing

Red Light Therapy in horses

Red light therapy is gaining popularity as a non-invasive therapeutic way to help a range of ailments. From wound healing,

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Horse Solarium Benefits – How Can An Equine Solarium Help Your Horse Or Pony

Horse using a Solarium

When horse property owners plan their perfect stables or barn there are a few must-haves. An Instagram-worthy tack shed, a

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RESEARCH PAPER: Veterinary applications of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

vets using pemf therapy

We came across this paper by James S. Gaynora, Sean Hagbergb, Blake T. Gurfeinc which looks at veterinary applications of

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Benefits Of Using Equine Treadmill & Spa For Suspensory Ligament Rehabilitation

Suspensory ligament horse rehabilitation

We look at the benefits of using equine treadmill & spa for suspensory ligament rehabilitation in horses. Suspensory ligament injuries

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The Carson Sisters & Why They Love Activo-Med

The Carson sisters, Drew (21) and Ally (19) are Show Jumpers based on their family dairy farm with their team

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The Activo-Med Impulse Line products all contain Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (magnetic pulses created using electrical energy). PEMF therapy is

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Getting to the cause of the injury

Part 2 of Rollie’s story In part 1 of our series we got to know our Director Jo Schneider and

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