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RESEARCH PAPER: Veterinary applications of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

vets using pemf therapy

We came across this paper by James S. Gaynora, Sean Hagbergb, Blake T. Gurfeinc which looks at veterinary applications of

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Benefits Of Using Equine Treadmill & Spa For Suspensory Ligament Rehabilitation

Suspensory ligament horse rehabilitation

We look at the benefits of using equine treadmill & spa for suspensory ligament rehabilitation in horses. Suspensory ligament injuries

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Effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy at different frequencies and durations on rotator cuff tendon-to-bone healing in a rat model

We hear from our riders all the time that they’d love to read about PEMF research studies and so we

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Lunging program for rehabilitation

Rollie Lunging

Whilst many riders find lunging to be the thing you do to get the beans out of your horse at

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How to bring your horse back into work in Spring

Rollie in rug

Spring is the time that we all come out of hibernation, pack our wet weather gear away and bring our

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Owning a horse with Kissing Spine

Jo and Rollie

Part 1: The heartbreak of the unknown Riding and training your own home bred horse is a feeling like nothing

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