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      Animal Therapeutics ‘Pivots’ its way to an award

      Previously published on Glam Adelaide 9/12/13

      Animal Therapeutics ‘Pivots’ its way to an award

      Animal Therapeutics_Jo Schneider

      Animal Therapeutics won StartUp Adelaide’s Biggest Pivot Award on Friday December 6th. The Awards hosted by Majoran Distillery , celebrated the best of the best of Adelaide start-ups in 2013.  For start-ups , a’pivot’ is when a company takes a new structured course correction. Animal Therapeutics, importers of high performance equipment for competitive animals, took a major ‘pivot’ this year and are now reaping the rewards. Since the implementation of a new sales structure and online costumer support, the company has seen a 200% increase in sales. Before ‘the pivot’ the company were not close enough to the sales process and there were large inconsistencies in after sales support.

      More, and consistent, information across all platforms, including a new hotline, means that pre and post-sale information is easy for customers to find, helping them make more informed and quicker purchase decisions.

      Jo Schneider, Director at Animal Therapeutics, Anthill ’30 under 30′ Honourable Mention and Australian Start-up Awards runner-up is pleased her team’s hard work and determination has paid off, in spite of contemporaries in the market saying it would never work.

      “We know the product is highly regarded in the industry, we just needed to tweak the sales and customer service structure to get the product to market differently.”

      And the strategy for 2014? The company are ramping up their marketing, bringing on celebrity riders for sponsorship and ambassador programs.


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