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      Animal Therapeutics Online Presents – Water Treadmills!


      Animal Therapeutics presents: Water Treadmills

      The ultimate in performance management, training and rehabilitation

      Available in Australia for the first time ever, the team at Animal Therapeutics Online is proud to present our new range of Activo-Med water treadmills. An absolute must have for any performance stable, the Activo-Med Water Treadmill offers the ultimate in training, maintenance and rehabilitation therapy. See the systems in action here!

      Proving a range of training, maintenance and therapeutic actions, The Activo-Med Water Treadmill offers:

      – A controlled, supervised and contained environment in which aerobic exercise can be successfully performed
      – Effective exercise for horses performing at all levels of competition and training
      – A significant increase in cardiovascular activity, muscle development and tone, strength and stride length through the use of aqua walking and trot work.
      – A gentle, low impact and non-concussive environment in which tendons and ligaments can be built and rehabilitated without excessive strain or impact.
      – The reduction of swelling and inflammation through cold water treatment
      – The option of Saltwater treatment, which assists in the reduction of abrasions, open wounds, infections, hoof and leg injuries, and arthritis
      – Support and movement therapy following surgery
      – Treatment of spinal, hind end, back and sacroiliac disorders
      Tendon damage and rehabilitation
      – Relief and treatment of shin soreness and splints
      – The correction of gait imbalances through balanced, low-impact exercise.

      Easy to use, and designed to be used across a range of disciplines and levels, these systems also feature:

      – Easy walk in, walk out access
      – Rapid filling and emptying, with in built filtration options
      – Fully transparent sides and overhead viewing options, to allow maximum view and assessment of movement
      – In-ground installation options, negating the need for ramps and raised viewing platforms
      – Spa, salt water, chiller and jet options available, allowing you to tailor your treadmill to best suit your needs.

      water treadmill
      The Activo-Med Water Treadmill is designed to help your horses prepare, perform and recovery to the absolute best of their ability. Contact the team at Animal Therapeutics today for a free assessment and quote.

      Prepare. Perform. Recover.

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