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      Activo Med – the choice for performance



      Animal Therapeutics Online is proud to bring the Activo Med range of products to Australian horse riders and owners.

      The range speaks for itself – people serious about their performance horses are turning to Activo Med for a complete therapy system. There is no other system that combines Pulsed Electro Magenetic Frequency (PEMF) and  cyclonic massage all over the horse’s body.

      Don’t take our word for it.. hears what some of the top riders say about their Activo Med system.

      Carl Hester –


      “I use the rug on all the competition horses and find them noticeable softer and looser as a result.

      The Activo-Med Laser in conjunction with our magnetic rug, has provided a regular and consistent treatment pattern for our horses – we’re thrilled with it.”


      William Fox-Pitt 

      “Having used the Activo-Med Combi System for over 4 years now I can honestly say it’s worth the investment 10 times over! Whilst the Activo-Med systems are excellent for rehabilitation, I use the pulsed electromagnetic and massage rug on all the horses both before they are worked to loosen and relax their muscles and after to aid the recovery process. The magnetic element of the system is particularly effective and the Combi Pro has become a very important part of our daily routine for optimising each horse’s performance. The systems are easy to use, breathable, lightweight and horse-friendly.

      I also use the Activo-Med Lasers regularly and find them vital for speeding up the healing process on knocks, bruises and strains plus they are great for maintaining old injuries. We use them regularly as part of our physiotherapy process on the acupressure points in areas prone to strain.

      The Activo-Med systems are extremely versatile. Like people, every horse is slightly different and these systems can be easily set up to suit individual horses, giving them all the opportunity to perform at their best. It’s a system that definitely won’t sit in the cupboard forgotten.”


      Zara Phillips

      “I use the Activo-Med Combi Pro on my horses at home and at competitions as part of the daily routine.

      There are a variety of pre-set programmes that can be set to suit individual requirements and the system definitely helps keep the horses feeling supple and relaxed.”

      Other Activo Med riders include –

      Isabel Werth, Hayley Beresford, Kerry Mack, Ulla Salzgeber, Matthias Rath, Emma Hindle, Wendy Schaeffer, Andreas Helgstrand, Anky van Grunsven, Chantal Wigan, John Whittaker, Marcus Beerbaum, Markus Ehning, Ingrid Klimke.. why not add your name to the list?

      Ask us today about the benefits of Activo Med and how it can benefit your horse. Find out why so many riders are using the system so successfully!

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