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      Activo-Med Laser Cluster: Splint Case Study


      Activo-Med Wave-Light-Pulse Laser and Light Cluster

      Blog_ sacro problems_ruby

      I’ve had the Activo-Med rug for a while now, and am very sold on the benefits of electro-magnetic therapy and its healing properties having used it on Ruby’s to treat her back and sacroiliac injury.

      When Blue was diagnosed with a splint, I was recommended one of their laser products to aid his recovery.

      They chatted to me over the phone about the current state of Blue’s splint, and based on my answers and some photographs of the affected area, suggested the laser cluster and set a programme of suitable frequency and intensity. After 2-3 weeks’ worth of treatment, Blue has gone from being bandaged and lame, to back in ridden work, sound, feeling fit and even doing some pole work already! The size of the splint has gone down considerably, from about the size of a 50p to a pound coin too.

      How does it work?

      The cluster incorporates all the benefits of the electromagnetic therapy, combined with 24 infrared and 24 red diodes which deliver laser therapy.

      The pulsed electromagnetic therapy works to provide regeneration by stimulating healthy electrical function within the cells. This in turn positively impacts upon the cell’s ability to use oxygen, something which is compromised when you a cell is damaged or diseased – like with the splint. Still with me?

      The laser therapy compliments this work by treating the cells in its own way; it applies photons, which trigger a physiological reaction. This means the cells function improves in a number of ways, including enhanced circulation, renewed ability to repair damaged tissue, and increasing energy to cells so that they can work faster. Overall, the effect is faster healing, reduced inflammation, and pain relief. The pain relief is due to the release of endorphins – they’re the hormones that block the pain sensation, and make you feel good, just like when you do lots of exercise or when you eat chocolate! That explains why when I use it on his splint, Blue goes all sleepy and nuzzles me!

      Wow, that was like going back to school for a biology lesson! I think it’s important to understand how a product works though, especially if it’s something you’re using to treat an injury.

      The laser cluster is a brilliant non-invasive way of targeting a localised injury, and as well as being great for splints like Blue’s, are also suitable for treating a variety of other issues such as tendon and ligament injuries, muscle damage, wounds, arthritis and pretty much anything else you can think of! It’s a great, versatile bit of kit, and anything that helps my boy get back on the road to recovery quicker has got to be well worth it.

      Headstrong Equestrian, UK.

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