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Monthly Archives: February 2016

What Should my Activo Med Combi Pro Controller Look Like When it’s Running a “Sequence”?

21/06/11 Sometimes with a new and exciting product it’s hard to know what’s right and what isn’t. So we’ve put

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Warmridge Equine Health (AUS)

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Melissa Gorton (AUS)

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Kim Evans (AUS)

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The perfect addition to any training program – Activo Med Combi Rug

17/09/12 Feature blog from sponsored rider Chantal Wigan, read all her blogs from her website. Chantal writes “We were fortunate

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Activo Med – the choice for performance

   17/09/13 Animal Therapeutics Online is proud to bring the Activo Med range of products to Australian horse riders and

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Persistent back and saddle problems: have you checked the balance of the feet?

8/09/12 Consider this – Sound, correct movement of the horse relies on all of the components of its highly sophisticated

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Getting the most out of professional equine therapy

17/07/12 Many horse owners these days are turning to various forms of alternative therapy and bodywork in order to improve

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Rehab for tendon injuries

12/12/13 Annette Lowe of Mulawa Stud in NSW speaks about their winning racehorse, Alchimia, and her Grade 4 tendon tear

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Joint Pain

10/07/12 Pain, lameness, reduced performance, and shortened careers – no horse is immune to joint damage, and the implications for

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