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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated a bunch of popular queries so you can have a read and learn as much as you can before purchasing your Activo-Med hydrocodone online consultation system. If you have a question that is missing from this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it!

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PurchasingSpecific UseWarranty
How much is freight when I purchase?
I would like to add Activo-Med to my therapy business. Can I do this?
Can I have a demonstration of Activo-Med before I buy?
Can I hire an Activo-Med System?
Are payment plans available?
How much are the Activo Med packages?
Is Activo-Med available in custom sizes?
Do you have second hand or demo rugs available to purchase?
I'm currently using an alternative massage system and looking to upgrade. Do you offer trade-ins?
Does Activo-Med help with travel problems?
Will Activo Med help muscle damage?
My horse has a splint - can this system help?
How does Activo-Med work?
Can I use Activo-Med as part of my warm up routine?
My horse can become quite anxious when competing. Could this help to calm him down?
How many items can be run from a four port Controller?
The controllers have 18 programs installed - are they easy to use?
How long will the battery last?
Is there any Warranty when I buy from Animal Therapeutics Online?
Where will my system be repaired if I need to claim on my warranty?
Do the systems break down often? Are they reliable?
What if my battery fails – is this covered?
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