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Rider Dr Kerry Mack

“We have been using a number of products from animal therapeutics on line for several years now and now these are an integral part of our daily management I would not be without the Activo Med Rug magnetic rug. It is an essential part of our routine. We use it daily for warming up and cooling down. I can feel the difference in the warming up when the rug has been used first. Horses are more supple and free in their movement. We use it with the boots to assist in recovery after work.
I believe it helps Pzazz stay fit and sound and keeps him moving freely. As a busy person I do not like to waste my time doing things that don’t have a proven benefit, and as a doctor I took the time to read and evaluate the studies regarding tissue penetration of the electro magnets in the rug, and the benefits. I am convinced it is worthwhile.
In medicine electromagnets are being used in many applications including soft tissue and bone healing with proven therapeutic effects. In fact this was why I sought out this rug. I believe it has assisted us in achieving full recovery after ligament problems as well. It has proven to be very durable and the battery life has been excellent. It is easy to clean as well.”

Grand Prix Dressage Rider


Grand Prix Dressage Rider

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