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Understanding PEMF

Activo-Med Combi Pro

24/05/16 Combining science, space and horses! It’s being trailed by NASA, is used by trainers and athletes within the Australian

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Rehab for Back & Sacro Injury

Blog_ sacro problems_ruby

6/09/13 Rehabilitating a horse with back and sacroiliac issues – massage and magnet therapy Case study: Ruby, 15.1 5 year

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At Home with Carl Hester


29/11/13 British Olympic dressage team gold medallist Carl Hester will be in Australia in November for Equitana Sydney. At his

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Activo Med – Fracture Healing

activo med leg wrap

29/05/13 Did you know that Activo Med can help with a huge range of healing, including Fractures? A customer from

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Minimising harm to the young horse

Blog_minimising harm to young horses

01/02/13 Minimising harm to the young horse – a blog post by Cat Walker of Brindisi Equestrian, proudly supported by

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The importance of warming up

Blog_the importance of warming up

03/09/13 After Ruby’s fantastic performance having had a pre warm-up treatment with the Activo-Med Combi sport rug, I’ve since adopted

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Training for a sound back

Blog_ training for a sound back

23/07/12 How do you approach your horse’s training? What kind of goals do you set? How do you structure your

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Equine Physio view on Activo Med


  01/11/13 An equine physio view on using Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy & massage I’ve been continuing to use the Activo-Med

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Reducing the Impact – Wendy Schaeffer

AUS-Wendy Schaeffer (KOYUNA SUN DANCER) 2012 GER-HSBC Luhmuhlen International Horse Trial - CCI****: 1ST Horse Inspection-Wednesday-PASS

17/09/13 Training & Management with Wendy Schaeffer Article by Cat Walker, Brindisi Equine Therapy Olympian and Equine Physiotherapist, Wendy Schaeffer,

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What Should my Activo Med Combi Pro Controller Look Like When it’s Running a “Sequence”?

Blog_Activo med_sequences

21/06/11 Sometimes with a new and exciting product it’s hard to know what’s right and what isn’t. So we’ve put

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